Sweet Tart Store – Concord, CA

MaryAnn Young – Sweet Tart Store

Sweet Tart Store

Client: MaryAnn Young

Location: Concord, CA

Firm: Patty Foo Interior Design

Web address: www.sweettart-treats.com

Renovating an existing Yogurt Shack self-serve frozen yogurt store into a contained updated self-serve frozen yogurt, cupcakes, and cookies food retailer. The design intent was to create a modern, refined space that is welcoming and visually attractive to new customers from the square and Edwards movie theater. The color palate selected was teal blue, chocolate brown, and an arctic white to invoke a refreshing and soothing environment.

PFD’s first individual project, I was in charge of creating a space plan that focused on directing foot traffic from the Edwards movie theater and to entice new customers. My responsibilities included:

• Designing counter space and cabinetry for the cash register, toppings bar, and
cupcake and cookies display.

• Designing three wall outlets for the frozen yogurt machines to hide the machines and
tubing behind the wall and create the appearance of a clean wall space.

• Designing a cup dispenser for display and storage.

• Selecting finishes and equipment for the entire store.

• Developing brand identity (logo and color appearance) and theme to the store.

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Commercial design, food retailer, frozen yogurt, cookies, cupcakes, renovation